Getting Going

Well, I can’t say I found that entirely straightforward! Setting up my blog that is. I have set up blogs before, for my own private use, and I didn’t find that easy either. The screen and the options are rather busy.

I am keeping this blog as part of the digithings course I am undertaking at Plymouth University. The digithings instructions were useful in setting boundaries to how much I needed to do to set up a basic blog and provide instructions as to what I had to do. One thing that was new to me was the ‘Gravatar’. I found this a bit sinister. I don’t know why.

Previously I have used blogs in a therapeutic way for my own private use in order to record ‘critical incidents’. I have also used them to keep an (inconsistent) record of events that I have been to. I can see the professional value of blogging in order to help me ‘dig deeper’ into my professional activity and create dialogue with others. However, as with many I feel 1) time poor and if I am honest I am also  2) reluctant to share opinion that has the potential to feel exposing.